Gabinet Stomatologiczny Maxdent

ul. Hallera 53/2
53-325 Wrocław

tel.: 607121314, 71 36 11 504
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MAXDENT is a modern dental clinic in existence since 1992. Its founder, Mariusz Szyba, an oral surgeon, built it from the ground up, gathering around him the best specialists and the most modern dental equipment.
The current shape of the Clinic is the result of the combined efforts of the entire team, their passions, long experience and following the most modern trends in the broadly defined field of dentistry.


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We provide you with four highly specialised dental offices in our clinic. We guarantee the highest quality of the services we perform and long- lasting treatment results. Caring for your time and comfort, we perform X-rays ourselves (including panoramic X-rays).

Thanks to our proximity to a denture lab, our services in this area can safely be called express.
We are open to the individual needs of each patient.

The clinic is friendly and adapted to service handicapped patients.

We are experienced in treating children with developmental disorders (autism, Down syndrome)

Our offer is directed towards patients that value high quality services and possess a sublime sense of the aesthetics of their own smile.

Our offices are located in the city centre, ensuring quick and easy access.
An asset is an attended parking lot.