Gabinet Stomatologiczny Maxdent

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53-325 Wrocław

tel.: 607121314, 71 36 11 504
mapa (kml)

1. PC 02 centrifuge - used during surgical and implant procedures to obtain biomaterials from the patient’s blood, thanks to which we obtain faster regeneration.



2. Intra-oral camera – enables visualisation of the treatment on an LCD monitor beside the dental chair. Camera images may be added to the patient’s files.  


3. Altis DC OWANDY Radiovisiograph – enables safe imaging directly on the dental chair.

4. GLOBAL Surgical dental microscope – used in microsurgical and endodontic procedures (removal of broken instruments, localisation and preparation of thin and curved root-canals), repeat root-canal treatment.

5. Veraview IC-5 J. Morita digital panoramic X-ray - used to make three types of images:

* standard pantomogram
* pedodontic pantomogram

* temporomandibular joint function images.



6. A modern 3i implantological unit - used for microsurgical and implantological procedures

7. The Wand   Computer Controlled - a computer controlled dental anaesthesia delivery system. Anaesthetising of the patient takes place with the aid of “computer monitoring of the pressure of the anaesthesia being delivered”.


8. PIEZOSURGERY piezoelectric device – for bloodless bone cutting, ensures reliability and precision in bone related surgical procedures.